Old Students Association of FAST-NU (OSAF) is the Lahore Chapter of "FAST-NU Alumni Association". OSAF is an association of ambitious graduates of FAST-NU, Lahore Campus, who want to work for the betterment of FAST-NU, its students, Alumni and their society. Main Objective is to establish an organisation that brings together and fosters a beneficial relationship between the Alumni and the students of FAST-NU.

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OSAF plans to organize Mega JobFair for graduating batch in Feburary 2016.

OSAF is organizing Alumni homecoming 2016 in the mid of January 2016.

OSAF is launching FAN (Fast Alumni Network), A portal to connect thousands of Alumni online.

OSAF successfully organised TEDxFAST. The event was attended by 500+ participants!

What we do

We are involved in activities that engage students and alumni for the betterment of the institute.

OSAF Financial Assistance (OFA) aims to provide financial support to students who are unable to continue their studies at FAST-NU due to financial constraints. This program was officially started in 1999 and since then OSAF has managed to continuously increase contribution to the OFA fund by 10 to 20 percent annually, the only source of this funding being the alumni themselves. OFA program offers loan to BS students in Fall and Spring semesters. The allocation is based on the financial need of the student which is judged by a panel of interviewers in each semester. Financial Assistance activity was initiated by Adil Akif (earlier at SUN Microsystems, currently at Microsoft) and Qasim Javed (Sahics 96, currently at UK) but there are many others volunteers working diligently for it.

a) You can deposit your contribution to any of the batch reps. or you can contact us at osaf[at]nu[dot]edu[dot]pk

b) Contribution can also be deposited directly in OSAF's bank account, details of which are given below:

Title:FAST NU Alumni Association
A/C #: 3730203-5
Swift Code: UNILPKKA028
Branch Code: 0962
Bank: UBL (Liberty market)

If you are facing issue while transferring funds online from Standard Chartered Bank to UBL, please follow below steps:

1. While adding beneficiary, in "Beneficiary Account Number" field you need to enter this value "0962096237302035" i.e. Branch Code twice followed by actual UBL account number.
2. Click "Next", it will fetch details of account from UBL and show you the Account/Beneficiary Name.
3. Please verify it, it should be "FAST NU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" and then proceed.

Comments Current Status
OSAF has been really very helpful throughout my stay at FAST. It has always assisted deserving students when they had no hope to pursue their education. It has uplifted our morale, generated opportunities and aided students whenever possible. It has created hope in the needy and deserving students in achieving goals for themselves and their country. I wish OSAF best of luck in the future. Doing a decent job for about 4 years
OFA has been great in terms of its end benefit, but a few things need to be improved. Please dont ask me why i didnt attend last interview sessions. I can not just express my embarrassment over my attitude towards OSAF. I am writing this email because I want to do something for OSAF and OFA (though practically I havent done anything so far).
1. I was in need of money in my early semesters, FAST was helpful but they had limits. After interviews, I found this body caring and consulting. I was impressed with a few decent and noble interviewers. Anyway, I was helped. It wasnt what I was expecting but it was still handy at that time.
2. Then, when I matured in university, between 2003 and 2005, OSAF wasnt very active but OFA remained. I was happy. 3. Overall, as a student and alumini, I highly respect OFA.
A few things need to be implemented:
1. Interviews need to evaluate candidates more critically. I have the feeling and my friends agree with me that OFA interviewers are more positive than needed :) If you have no objection, I will inshaAllah be part of next interviews.
2. Funds raising from abroad should be increased. Local people are important but they are not that interested. We can introduce some technology, like pay by credit cards, paypal etc.
Doing his own business
I am an undergraduate student of FAST. I never be a part of FAST if there is no OSAF. OSAF is an organization that is helping the students those cannot afford such a high fee of this university.Iit is an organization consisting of FASTians (old students) having the pain for every poor student those want to study but have no fee to pay. It is providing finincial assistance to poor students. I cannot forget the blessings of OSAF. May OSAF makes a progress by day & night. OSAF is Great. He is looking for a decent job these days
My experience with OSAF was excellent. As OSAF helped me at the time when I was disappointed from everywhere and OSAF helped me, as initially FAST approved half fee loan for me and rest of my fee was impossible for me to pay and that time was a question for my stay at FAST and from that time till my graduation OSAF arranged rest of the fee for me. Thanks OSAF for your great help. Doing a good job now
The university-provided FA (financial assistance) was the only hope for someone like me, from a middle-class background to complete my degree at FAST-NUCES. I was lucky enough to get 50% of my tuition fee as loan from the university. But then came a time when I could not afford the rest of the dues. I was referred to OSAF by an alumnus. OSAF conducts interviews of the needy students who apply for financial assiastance and helps them as per their limited fundings. I have found the process of OSAF to be highly transparent and well managed. I urge every alumnus of FAST and others who can to help OSAF raise funds which will in turn help many needy students at FAST-NUCES to complete their degrees. He is working at a top-IT company for about 4 years
AoA, I remember, in 5h/6th semester I applied for the OSAF scholarship and also got. Moreover, You also give me some additional money which i refunded after getting Job. My experience with OSAF was extremely wonderful. OSAF provided me amount at that critical time when I was not in the situation to pay my study expenses. And no doubt, there was not any intention behind giving me amount but it solely was for noble cause. I really appreciate the effort of OSAF & much thankful to you as well. Sincerely He is working at a top-IT company for about 3 years

Alumni Homecoming is one of the most prestigious events organized by OSAF. The aim of the event is to bring alumni, faculty and administration of FAST-NU at one platform and let them share their experiences and ideas. Alumni get the opportunity recollect their golden memories related to their stay at FAST. People get to regroup and meet old friends and have a nice informal chit chat. The event is complemented by few dramas, skits etc and a dinner.

In 2006 OSAF launched the sports activities program for the respected alumni. At the homecoming 2006 OSAF organized volleyball, cricket and football matches among alumni and the current students of FAST-NU also took part in it. It was a nice refreshing experience for alumni and after getting a healthy response to it OSAF is planning to launch a full fledge 2-3 day Sports Extravaganza for alumni.

Students are the to-be Alumni. As an extension to the Alumni network, we are focusing on our future network's fresh blood. The Alumni network patch with groups of students and mentor them throughout there course of study, till the day they are effective part of the Alumni network. The student mentoring program provides students with informal and brotherly help and advice in all sorts of scenarios ranging from boarding and lodging, course registration, semester planning, crises handling, and job search. OSAF, under the umbrella of mentoring program, comes forward and arranges seminars on career development, CV preparation, Do’s and Don’ts of Interview and higher studies. Professionals from software houses, multi nationals, banks and scholarship holders are invited to guide the students about their future.

OSAF is supporting FAST-NU employees to get their kids educated in high standard schools. For this purpose, some amount of the money collected for financial assistance is distributed among the deserving employees of FAST-NU to help their kids in continuing their education.


Back in 2008, OSAF decided to log all the meeting proceedings formally for future reference and tracking. As a result a meeting blog is being maintained since then which can be accessed at meetings.osaf.org.pk . All meeting minutes are uploaded here regularly.


The team consists of OSAF Batch Reps. who are elected representatives from their respective batches. Together they form the executive committee. These reps then elect the central executive committee (CEC) through elections

Mehak Jamal


Ahmed Zia

Assistant Manager, Branding

Usama Tahir

Assistant Manager, Public Relations

Ahtisham Amir

Assistant Manager, Industry Relations
ahtisham.amir @osaf.org.pk

Abdul Wasay

Assistant Manager, Social Media

Muez Shahid

Associate Branding

Muhammad Waqas Khalid

Associate Branding

Asfand Yar


Behram Haider

Assistant Manager, Ceremonies

Abbas Qureshi

Assistant Manager Media & Photography

Basit Junaid Afzal

Assistant Manager, Event Design & Decor

Asad Khan

Assistant Manager Event Production & Logistics

Bilal Ishaq

Ceremonies Associate

Maha Ahmed

Media Associate

Sumayya Tariq


Noor Ejaz

Assistant Manager, Trainings & Workshops

Aneeza Waqar

Assistant Manager, Human Resource Management

Mustafa Fawad

Assistant Manager, Skill Development & Motivtion

Ch. Umair Ahmed


Zara Khalid

Assistant Manager, Content Develpoment

Shiza Asad

Assistant Manager, OSAF Portal (Khokha Management)

Huda Khan

Assistant Manager, OSAF Portal (Khokha Management)

Ehtisham Khan

Assistant Manager, Design

Haseeb Danyal

Assistant Manager, Design

M.Bilal Rao

Assistant Manager, Web & Automation

Zahid Tahir

Associate Webmaster

Zubair Haider

Associate Webmaster

Waris Ranjha


Atif Mukhtar

Assistant Manager, Admin Laison

Noman Saleem

Assistant Manager, Finance (Assistant to Treasurer-OFA)

Muneeb Shahid

Assistant Manager


Assher Ali

Associate Operations

Muhammad Haseeb

Associate Operations

Farid Sabri


Sareena Khan

Vice President

Anas Khurshid

General Secretary

Salik FarooQ


FAST-NU Alumni Association (FAA) is the ONE Alumni Forum/Body representing alumni of all campuses. Below are the board members of OSAF which is the Lahore Chapter of FAST-NU Alumni Association.

Burhan Rasool

Chief Operating Officer (FAN)

Board Member, Lahore Chapter

Adil Iqbal Khan

Board Member, Lahore Chapter

Batch Name
1997 Muhammad Reza
1997 Umar Suleman
1997 Yasir Niaz
1998 Hamza Rana
1998 Hassan Rahman
1998 Muhammad Raza
2001 Adnan Umer
2001 Huma Moeen
2001 Idrees Butt
2001 Sheraz Arshad
2002 KaliemUllah
2002 Ahmad Muzzamil
2004 Ahmad Qayyum
2004 Mian Majid Rafiq
2004 Saba Javed
2004 Zeeshan Latif Bajwa
2004 Saboor Thakur
2006 Haseeb Khan
2006 Muneeb Ahmad
2007 Anham Liaqat
2007 Hassan Tariq
2007 Sabih Ahmad
2007 Syed Haroon Alam
2007 Umar Ali Ch
2008 Abubakr Shabbir
2008 Jawad Waheed
2008 Zaeem Bin Rehman
2009 Faisal Basheer
2009 Kinnan Khan Sherwani
2009 Salik Farooq
2010 Anas Khurshid
2010 Hassan Khan Rao
2010 Faysal Syed
2010 Fariha Nasir / Rida Malhi

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For queries and suggestions please reach out at osaf@nu.edu.pk

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